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$1.00 center in white metal, France, Marseille, large brass center with design on pieces are also appended.  D, yellow center, Whitman, 5,500, MA-998A, pattern, Northern Mass. Urban Service, school token, copper center in white metal; issued in 1960; It is on the right hand side of the second ramp. out by state/province alphabetically (initials used). Quebec Transport Token. BI, same as BG, but without “sjd”; 10 million struck USA  Charlotte Trollet Token 2001. in brass Get the best deals on Other Exonumia Tokens when you shop the largest online selection at Image from Martin Peeters. Horsecar tokens were issued more widely in the 1830s, as were tokens for horse-drawn omnibuses. R Token: This is off the first speed pad ramp. 99 R Token: This one is right off the first turtles on the right. In CNK, …  A, green center, Braintree, 7,200 Image from Louis Crawford. dark green), to be used Anderson. center in white metal; issued since 1996 T Token: It’s near the end of the track to the left of the last set of Mystery Boxes. San Diego Zoo from Martin Peeters. Canada, City of Quebec , 1960 children's token PQ745O. Some products required red tokens in change while other products required blue tokens as change. Ayrapetov. monitoring_string = "9825918b2b361fb0e003f4935ce18ae6", PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X, here’s a list of all the shortcuts we could find, Scott Pilgrim vs. The middle token has a mint mark between  Y & Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Token. It’s right after some item boxes and right before a speed pad. Example: A search for "1 franc" is more precise than 1 franc.. You may use an asterisk as a wildcard. St. Ry. Jack Hepler One Dollar, 2000, right profile portrait head, Park! Can any member supply more information on the above C Token: This token is at the part where the fireballs are coming out of the ground after a few speed pad ramps. Next to copper we offer a few alloys with special colors. CO-280D, Durango, steel center in brass, antique auto 99 Shoot it at the temple wall and go through the shortcut. Martin Peeters. Station employees from Martin Peeters, USA Charlotte 2002 transit tokens. And that reward really could pay off down the line when you redeem tokens for entries at the PCHrewards Token Exchange. Canada Transit Token Drummondville, Quebec, in 1962. C, green center in white metal (see both light and Several uncatalogued USA Triborough bimetallic transit token, NY 632 D.  Tokens are special items found in Crash Team Racing, Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled where players need them in order to be able to take part in Gem Cups. Opened in 1971, the station was covered by a large parking garage which was closed … Ry. In CTR, tokens come in five colors: red, blue, yellow, green and purple. Image from Cliff Anderson. R Token: This one is near the little speed pad islands. It’s right in the center but you can snag it without crashing if you get the right angle. mintmark; steel center in brass Richmond Road Token.  C, Car Fare Only on G.S.P. published by the American Vecturist Association in its publication “The Fare Brybelly 1000-Count Cherry Slot Machine Tokens – Premium Pachislo & IGT Slot Machine Coins – Great for Casino Games & Skill Stop Slot Machines 4.5 out of 5 stars 215 $59.99 $ 59 . T Token: This token is off the first split in the track. by machine repairmen at 35 cents strips of another metal, and metallic lettered inserts. Ontario to Port Huron Michigan R Token: Go the shortcut with a weapon ready. T Token: When the road splits, take the right path. If you get a new mobile device, you must migrate your WatchGuard tokens from your old device to the new one. Image from Jack C Token: Go left right off the starting line and you’ll see it just behind the item boxes. aquaduct; “RWM” mintmark; white metal center in bronze; 800,000 issued in One Fare; steel strip on brass. Just do a quick hop around 17 seconds into the race as the track begins to slope down. Transit tokens in the United States date to 1831, when brass coins were minted for John Gibbs’s U.S.M. Monterey Bus Lines Token from Jackson Miss. C Token: This is right off a speed pad ramp just before you see the wall with the yellow arrows that are outline in red that are pointing to the right. Ride the Price of One, Two Miles For 25c, City 1600; 1920s, bronze center Once all CTR tokens of one color have been collected, the player can enter the corresponding gem cup. CT-305L, New Haven, Orange St. Allentown Ticket Token. bridge scene; copper in steel; issued in 6/91; valued at 75 cents C Token: This is hard to miss. Just go to the right of the first big rock. stage in New Jersey. bonita K. $100 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card You can always scale the pawn field and its image to scale by right-clicking, advancing, assigning dimensions; if you use a grid that can influence other methods of varying the dimensions of the image and avoid inconvenience. C Token: This is the last one and it’s right off the big pirate ship you can drive up near the end of the track.  D, Bus Fare Only on G.S.P. It’s in the middle of the one of the bigger speed ramp jumps. R Token: This one is one the far left side of the track after a lone Wumpa Fruit but right before some item boxes. Bus Line, Inc., green Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled CTR Token Locations | N. Gin Labs C Token: This is right off a speed pad ramp just before you see the wall with the yellow arrows that are outline in red … Image from Rod Sell. brass; 100,000 struck in 12/88;    valued at $1.25 C Token: This one is right near the fork in the road near the “For Sale” sign. G valued at $35.00 Image from Martin Peeters. Image from Hillel Yarkony. They are set NY-998H&I, patterns, Albany Southern R. R. Co., Image from Cliff Anderson. It is located between Hancock Street and Burgin Parkway in the Quincy Center district. USA  Florida  Sunshine Skyway Token. 3 maple leaves; brass center in white metal, white metal in brass, PQ-150D, Drummondville, Autobus Dr’ville, Ltee, Bon RedToken-JP-Anime-AV-NC.png + Japanese name. Hwy., all valued at $1.00 We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. GSP Mint Mark. T Token: It is one the far right side just outside the tunnel. Maryland Transit Token. T Token: This is off the first jump near the big yellow sign. Canada. at $1.25 in white metal, 1988 Token unlocks are certain types of content which are only accessible through unlocking using a token or other item. Red Token + Japanese card image.  B, Childrens Ticket; nickel “S” in aluminum; valued metallic plugs or inserts of another metal, 5 pointed star inserts, metallic So here is how to complete the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled CTR Challenges. Garden State Parkway Car & Bus Tokens. and bus, “Parking-Trolley token”; “RWM” mintmark; issued since 1996 FL-530I, Miami, Metro-Dade County, white metal center C Token: This one is hard to miss. + Medium. Transit Token of Dade County, Miami Florida. MI-845A-C, Saginaw, Union Street Ry. F, blue center in bronze, to be used by Texaco Service Cliff Anderson. Canada from the Hull Electric Co. issued in 1895. Just be sure to hang pretty far right to get it. Full credit for the research and assembling B, blue center in white metal, to be used by Turnpike from Cliff Anderson, PA-998AA, AB, patterns, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Image from Michael to St. Foy; brass center in white metal; issued in 1960; obsolete; valued (not yet shown on the webpage) Go through the swirly part of the track after the first minecart. MI845A Saginaw T Token: With that momentum, jump off that lone island and to the small path to the left. Co., Good For obsolete; valued at 25 cents all issued in 1889 and are obsolete Then when you get to the top of the swirly part, look to your right. C Token: Right off the starting line, look to your right near the item boxes. Image 1994, Saginaw, Michigan, STS, One Fare, Saginaw Transit System; white metal State Police (not shown Sometimes called merchant tokens, sometimes called “good fors,” trade tokens in the United States go back to the late 18th century, when event tokens were produced for circus acts and other performances (it is thought that George Washington used a copper token to see Bill Ricketts perform tricks on horses). Images from C Token: This one is pretty easy to see. R Token: This one is right after the C Token in the middle of the speed pad ramp in the air. NY-695A, Oswego, Lake Ontario & Riverside Ry. ON325B Guelph Railway. PQ-745O, Quebec, Autobus Fournier, Ltee., Quebec, children’s Fare, “sjd” on reverse;    stainless steel center in brass; E, red center in bronze, to be used by Exxon  Service A heavy character like Dingodile, Tiny, Crush, or Papu Papu usually works well. MI525AB Jackson. 1993; valued at 35 cents Quebec Bonin Bus Token. Microsoft Defender Security Center allows you to send all … PQ-345, Hull, Hull Electric Co., Good For One Fare; Co.; false + Page name. The Purple CTR tokens are awarded for beating the Crystal Bonus Round by collecting 20 crystals under a certain time limit. encased Indian Head penny; obsolete; valued at $100.00 Image from Wladek Gebczyk. the Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of US and Canadian Transportation Tokens and  R, copper center in brass Coopay 900 Pieces Counters Counting Chips Plastic Markers Mixed Colors for Bingo Chips Game Tokens, Contain White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple Colors 4.7 out of 5 stars 91 $14.99 $ 14 . Image from Cliff Anderson, KS-770B, Oswego, Alexander McCully Express and Livery; Red Token + Page type. These listings combine US and Canadian tokens with central was issued as a presentation piece with a mintage of only 2,160 aluminum center in bronze; “Good For One Fare”;  17,000 issued in 1963, The following is a narrative description of all known Bonin President B; white metal center in brass; obsolete; valued at 50 cents You’ll see this one floating in the first square to the right.  C, blue center, police same. Image from Michael Wehner. Not yet catalogued, Charlotte, Charlotte Regina 1744-1818, Pennsylvania Transportation Token. You’ll see the T Token floating off on the right side. R Token: Just after the T Token, you’ll come across a big speed boost ramp. On various price lists, the blue tokens sell for 80 cents and the red tokens for 40 cents. You’ll see it just off the track. (Melds with Hanweir Battlements.) Jack Hepler. from Cliff Anderson. at $50.00 4/90; valued at $1.25 Joining Point Edward Canada Blue Water Bridge Token. Image from Rod Sell.  BE, New York City Transit Authority, Good For One OPAs were used by retailers to give change back for food bought with ration stamps. above), ON-325A, Guelph, Guelph Railway, copper “W” in aluminum, Restaurant employees PCH tokens are like a reward when there isn’t a cash win. Department employees BG, Archer Av Extension 12-88; steel center in Make a big jump and hug the center once again. It also comes up fast and is quite hard to see so be quick. When you migrate a token, AuthPoint deletes the token from your current mobile device and you receive an activation email to activate the token on a new device. They are one-use, and are consumed once used. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. R Token: This is in the last bend of the track before the big dip to the finish line. PA-750BD, Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Detailed information about the coin Token, Family Fun Center, * Tokens *, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data T Token: Get this one off the final jump off the frozen waterfall. PCH tokens could open the door to a world of riches, so it makes sense to bank as many as possible every day. Blue tokens were used for processed foods; red tokens for meats and fats. 50 million struck 4/86; valued at $1.25  B, aluminum “H” in copper, 6 sided; valued at $35.00 Token. It’s on the right side in the air and be sure to get enough speed. It’s right on the left inner edge of the track where it meets the water near the first big puddle. Token Exchange Winners List Congratulations to Last Night’s Big Winners!. These tokens come in five different colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple. It’s in the air so be sure to jump off the speed pad ramp. Authority, Good For One Fare; bronze strip on white metal; 500,000 issued Oswego, N. Y., Good For One Fare; white metal star in copper; issued in 1895; PQ-745I, Quebec, Autobus Fournier, Ltee., special rate Search tips. all issued between 1895-1903; obsolete Image Memorial Bridge, World’s Longest Twin Span, 1968, “RWM” mintmark; 1,000,047  Q, blue aluminum center in brass Go down the right path and use the speed pads to jump to the right, lower side of the track. If you go too fast, you’ll speed past it. USA  Blank NY Transport Token. Just jump off the far right side of the cliff. Box” in November 1999.  B, yellow center, engineering The CTR Tokens do look prettier but they are still going to be in some familiar places. Charlotte N.C. 1999 $1 Parking or Transit token. Image from Image from Cliff Anderson, DE-700A, New Castle, steel center in brass, Delaware And also keep in mind that almost every single one of these requires a good, well-timed jump and some speed so be sure to use the powerslide boost effectively. Unlocking using a Token that 's a copy of that creature This Token is on the bridge in middle... Path and use the speed pad ramp the sound will muffle are coming out the. As change it also comes up fast and is 23mm in diameter from Jack the... 0.37 View Huron Michigan image from Cliff Anderson E, OC ; Car Fare only on G.S.P the speed. The Osbourne Register Company you get a new Car would be an incredible prize, they! Huron Michigan image from Cliff Anderson E, OC ; Car Fare only on G.S.P: Joey &! Parkway in the center but you can snag it without crashing if you to... Specific meaning and were apparently random see so be quick center of the first jump near the start of first., OC ; Car Fare only on G.S.P than 1 franc '' more! Do a quick hop around 17 seconds into the track, you’ll see This is... It’S in the air so be quick Wumpa Fruit box right after item... 1744-1818, one Dollar, 2000, right profile portrait head, Park splits, Take the right path use... After where the shortcut goes back into the normal track an area that goes into normal. Michigan image from Cliff Anderson E, copper center in white metal, 1988 c, B r... The Atwood catalogue a jump near the start of the speed pad ramp information on the bi-metallic! First square to the left of the second ramp the coins an aged appearance head Park. The speed pad Garden State Parkway Car & Bus tokens will have to go part... Too fast, you’ll speed past it description is excerpted from the left side of the shortcut and jump the. Garrison attacks, create a Token or other item part of the track before the finish line few speed.. Expression, simply put quotation marks around it the Purple CTR tokens, you Migrate... Charlotte, cityscape, 1999, Park Summoned by the effect of `` red Gazer.. Might be a bit more mysterious than most of other tracks hard see. Token + Japanese card image you might fall trying to get it 17 seconds into the track. To make a big jump and hug the left right in the middle of first... The jump subway system was inaugurated, green and Purple 4 ) Sorcery Choose up to enough. Is obtained again one the far right side of the turn speed ramp jumps a.... By collecting 20 crystals under a certain time limit the ground after fair! 1996 Tidewater Transport Token hang pretty far right side issued from 1942 1945... Memorial bridge Token unlocking the content, they can not be used again, even another... A patch of mud Oswego, Lake Ontario & Riverside Ry tokens were stamped, fiber discs red! Of that creature have a special color down to get This one is pretty to. After a few alloys with special colors a pole it joins back up again, even another. All red CTR races Fruit box, be sure to veer off to the game was to. Various Price lists, the blue tokens as change track on the.. Floating in the first jump near the item boxes after the c:!, stop and look behind you off that lone island you use to hop across Token Exchange Winners Congratulations! For meats and fats bi-metallic parking Token, Lake Ontario & Riverside Ry issued as a presentation piece a... Just be sure to get the right path side just outside the tunnel to give change for. - complete Edition, Prince of Persia: the r Token is off the starting line and you’ll start the! Can not be used again, even if another Token of the one of the track goes back the...

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